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Grenville Leaves

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Deborah Stewart(non-registered)
I simply LOVE your work! All the pictures on your home page jumped out at as soon as I opened it, saying "Finally! We've been waiting - what took YOU so long? Now paint us!" (Don't worry, it's just a hobby for me and I've been looking for something to give me that push I need to get back to it for a few years now. I have loads of empty frames to fill and hang on my walls!)

Yours are pictures I would have taken myself had I been where you've been. Oh, right - and had your talent, of course. Seriously, they ooze a natural facility. By that I mean they don't seemed forced at all. They all look as if you just raised your camera and clicked, no need to focus or fiddle with the camera. Just point and click and ... perfection! Some city/town-scapes look vaguely familiar, maybe having been seen in some other professional photograph that was sanitized and lined up so the lights intersect the river at 45 degree angles, contrasting the 90 degree angle of ... you get where I'm going, I'm sure. But your pictures put me right there, standing where you were when you took the picture. I can almost hear the running water of the river, the arguing of the old men, the teasing of the old woman. I've got a cold right now, so I can't smell anything. heheheh

You look so young. If you haven't done it yet, you should enter artistic competitions. Also find out how you can sell your photographs as art, again - if you're not doing it yet. You are so lucky that you get to pursue your passion as a means to making a living. Not many people can do that, even if they have the talent to develop. But yours is a special talent. Nurture the Hell out of it and live your dreams.

Deborah Stewart
Wandering (Mind) Spirit
Rigaud, QC